Our 100% Rent Guarantee

Ensuring that your rent gets paid on time every month is a big deal. For most of us, it’s our largest monthly financial payment. We’ve built out the most convenient and secure way to pay your rent and we’ll stand behind the integrity of our platform any day of the week.

That’s why we’re proud to offer all rent payers our Rent Guarantee.

If your rent arrives late.

And your landlord charges you a late fee, we will personally call your landlord and accept all responsibility & reimburse you up to $50 in late fees.

If your rent doesn’t arrive at all.

Not only will we call your landlord and personally accept all responsibility for failing to ensure your rent arrived, we will send your landlord an emergency payment and reimburse you up to $50 in late fees.

Our Terms of Service outlines how to file a claim in the event there's a problem with your rent payment

We also promise to make the process of filing a resolution easy on you. When you file a payment resolution with [email protected], we will resolve it within 72 hours, come rain, snow, or shine.

Because this is how we do business.