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Pay rent with a credit card or debit card and we'll mail that check your landlord loves so much.

  • Your landlord doesn’t have to use RadPad
  • Use any debit or credit card to pay your rent
  • ACH payments are 100% FREE!
  • Easily split & pay rent with your roommates
  • Payments are covered by our Rent Assurance

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Your landlord likes paper checks.

You live in the 21st century.

  • ACH payments free!

    Connect your bank account without needing your checking account & routing numbers.

  • Made for renters (like you)

    Your landlord doesn't have to be on RadPad. We'll mail them a check.

  • Debit cards are just ${{preferences.debit_fee['4999']}}

    Rent payments under $5,000, just ${{preferences.debit_fee['4999']}}/month. Payments $5,000 or more just ${{preferences.debit_fee['10000']}}/month.

  • Guaranteed on-time

    All rent payments are backed by our 100% Rent Guarantee.

  • Credit cards just {{preferences.credit_fee}}%

    Stretch out your rent payment by paying it with your credit card.

  • Earn miles, get cash back

    Earn miles and cash back even faster just by paying your rent.

Retire your checkbook forever.

Here's how it works.

  • Schedule your rent in 60 seconds.

    Tell us where you mail your check, decide how to pay and we'll take it from there.

  • We’ll mail a check to your landlord.

    Three days before your rent is due, we'll mail a check to your landlord.

  • Deposited

    Real-time notifications every step of the way so you can track your rent with peace of mind.

  • Never pay a late fee again.

    Relax knowing that if anything ever happens we've got you covered with our rent guarantee.

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