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  • Ethan F.

    Designer / 24 years old

    Honestly it was so easy. I love that I don't have to write a check anymore and RadPad just does it for me.

  • Sarah M.

    Student / 21 years old

    My landlord is old school so I love being able to use RadPad so I can put my rent on my credit card. YOU GUYS ROCK!

  • Hunter E.

    Actor / 23 years old

    I was hesitant at first to try RadPad because we're talking about my rent payment but RadPad makes it so easy to do and my landlord actually prefers it over writing a check.

  • August S.

    Marketing Manager / 24 years old

    No kidding I set up my rent payment while I was at Disney World. Like why didn't this exist two years ago when I was in college!

  • Zac S.

    Finance | Analyst / 26 years old

    Paying with RadPad took something that was a monthly headache and made it into a simple one-time signup. No more checks, stamps, envelopes, or long drives to the landlord to drop off rent. What's next, RadPad? You gonna do my laundry too?!

  • Stephanie B.

    VP Business Development / 33 years old

    A friend told me about RadPad the other day and I thought I'd give this payment thing a try. Wow! Amazing. Never have to write and mail my check again? Yes. Yes. Yes.

  • Colby C.

    Student / 20 years old

    Paying with RadPad is pretty awesome. Now that I can put my rent on my credit card I'll actually have some cash for my weekends.

  • Kyle H.

    Designer / 26 years old

    I was a little surprised at how easy this was. Almost too easy but it worked! And my landlord told me he got the rent check so I'll continue to use you guys!

  • Meredith S.

    Brand Manager / 30 years old

    There's no question this is the best way for anyone looking to pay their rent using their credit card. I just signed up and it was so user friendly! I love the push notifications too!

  • Brian G.

    Entertainment / 40 years old

    My roommate and I used to write two separate checks that I'd have to mail every month. It sucked. Now we just use RadPad and both of our payments get to our landlord so I don't have to do anything. It was so darn simple to set up.